How nice are noises, sometimes…

In these days of social distance, I have often paid attention to noises. 'What noise do my two cities have in common?' I thought. The washing machine that spins? Yes. Definitely yes. I closed my eyes and I felt the scent of the detergents that my mother uses, even the ecological ones that smell less... Continue Reading →

Getting used to …

Human beings are born to get used to stuff. No matter how long it takes but they will eventually get used to stuff. For example, I hate changes, I hate not having control of the present, yet I am able to get used to stuff too. I got used to having an intolerance for milk.... Continue Reading →

As at grandma’s on a Sunday

I was walking through Manhattan and I stopped by Pret a Manger for a quick sandwich on 32nd street. I sat at one of those counters stuck to the windows to see outside. On my right, a beautiful girl with curly and short hair, black as her skin. On my left, an African-American woman in... Continue Reading →

Chatting on the bus

I am heading to a printing shop in Flatbush to pick up the playbills for my first show in New York City. It’s so far that there is only me and two gentlemen on the bus B44. The man on the left catches my attention as he pronounces a sentence that clearly reminds me of... Continue Reading →

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